Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide On Renewing Your Malaysian Passport Online

With Malaysia moving on to the endemic phase and travel restrictions finally lifted, many Malaysians are eager to start travelling overseas again. However, it’s important that you check your passport expiry date to ensure that it’s still valid before you start looking for cheap flights.

Credits: Malaysian Immigration Department

If you don’t want to wait in queue during the early hours of the morning or take annual leave just to renew your passport, you can actually do it online in a few simple steps. Remember to understand the terms and conditions of passport renewal in Malaysia here before you start the process.

Here’s how:

1. Visit MyOnline Passport website.

2. Read through the terms and conditions on the page and click ‘Setuju’ to proceed.

3. Fill in the required information such as your identity card number, latest passport number, choose your preferred collection point and other necessary details.

4. Proceed to the next page and fill in the required particulars.

5. You will need to upload your passport photo. Do note that this photograph will need to have the right background and size. Otherwise, your application may be rejected. Follow the specifications given by the Immigration Department.

Credits: MyOnline Passport
  • The background of the photograph must be white with no shadows. Photos with coloured backgrounds will not be accepted.
  • Size such that the head is between 25mm – 30mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of head.
  • Applicant must wear dark-coloured clothing that covers the shoulders and chest.
  • Your tudung or hijab must be in dark colours as well and not cast any shadows on your face.
  • Coloured contact lenses, spectacles and head accessories are not allowed.
  • Uploaded photographs must be in soft copy taken in a professional photography studio. Polaroids are not allowed.

6. Check that all your information is correct and click ‘Update’.

7. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a notification stating  “PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DITERIMA.”

8. Choose your preferred payment method and make the necessary payment.

  • Normal Applicants (13 -59 years old) – RM 200
  • Senior Citizens (60 years old and above) – RM100
  • Children (12 years old and below) – RM100
  • Students in degree programme studying abroad (below 21 years old) – RM100
  • Haj Pilgrims (with proof from Tabung Haji or authorised agencies) – RM100
  • Disabled (OKU) – Gratis

9. Once the payment is made, proceed to print two copies of the receipt and keep one for your reference. You will need to bring the other copy along as proof of payment when you collect your new passport.

10. The date and time of collection will be mentioned in the receipt. Remember to bring along your old passport when you head over to the immigration counter to collect your new passport.

11. Receive your new passport at the immigration counter on the stated date. Your old passport will be invalidated when you do so. Make sure that you collect your new passport personally as representatives are not allowed.

Credits: The Star

If you happen to run into any problems during your online passport renewal process, then you have no choice but to head over to the nearest Urban Transformation Centre or immigration branch to renew your passport. You’ll need to make an appointment to do so which can be done here.

Featured image taken from The Star and Malaysian Immigration Department.

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