Malaysian Woman Warns Users to Be Careful After Her Atomiser Spray Gun Exploded While Charging

Sanitisers and disinfectants are now a huge part of our lives as we try our best to avoid getting infected with the Covid-19 virus. You can see that almost everyone is armed with at least one hand sanitiser when they are out and about. Recently, atomiser sprayers has been growing in popularity as you can sanitise a big amount of items at once.

Credits: Facebook | Jen Jen

People have been buying them to sanitise literally everything to keep themselves safe. However, if you have purchased one of those atomiser sprayers then you need to be careful when you’re charging them. That’s because one Malaysian woman recently shared her experience on social media, saying that her atomiser sprayer exploded while she was charging it.

Credits: Facebook | Jen Jen

She said that she bought the DS350 atomiser and had been using it with no problems for about a month and a half. However, a few days ago when she was using it, the spray seemed to be malfunctioning. After that, it ran out of battery so she charged the device.

After charging for about an hour, she was shocked to discover that the atomiser started to emit smoke and caught fire. Before she could react, the device exploded but luckily, she used a non-alcoholic sanitiser so the fire quickly went out.

Credits: Facebook | Jen Jen

She advised those who were using similar atomisers or spray guns like hers to be extra careful and stop using them if there were any signs of malfunction. Other netizens gave their opinion, saying that when charging this kind of small electrical appliance, one had to be careful and also remove the bottle before charging to prevent any accidents from happening.


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Featured image taken from Facebook | Jen Jen.

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