Did You Know You Can File a Claim About Lost or Damaged Parcels with Tribunal for Consumer Claims? Here’s How

Sometimes when you’re shopping and encounter some confusing or misleading prices, it can get rather frustrating. You might even feel that you have gotten cheated by the unscrupulous seller but when you confront them, they deny any knowledge of the incident. Plus, if you received a damaged or your parcel gets lost during transit, it can be very annoying especially if the seller or courier service refuses to take responsibility.

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So, what should you do if something like this happens? First of all, you should definitely reach out to the seller or platform where you made the purchase to try and settle the issue. But if all else fails, you can actually lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) about this.

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The ministry is here to protect your rights as a consumer so if you encounter any issues with the goods and services you’ve received, you can file a complaint.

For complaints related to goods, you can report issues relating to:

1. Vehicle spare parts and accessories

2. Furniture

3. Trade-ins for cars

4. Deposit made for purchase of a house or car

5. Electrical appliances

6. Clothing

7. Phones and computers

8. Sporting goods

9. Toys

For complaints related to services, you can report issues relating to:

1. Vehicle workshops

2. Home renovations

3. Maid agencies

4. Travel agencies

5. Beauty centres

6. Telecommunication network systems

7. Catering services

8. Photo packages

9. Post and parcel delivery

10. Laundry services

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Some of the complaints you can make to KPDNHEP include things like confusing prices, misleading gifts offered, free gifts, misleading deals tricking the consumer into thinking that items are going out of stock, insufficient supply of goods and safety standards of goods and services sold. It’s really easy to make a claim through the Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia.

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Lodge a complaint through:

1. The KPDNHEP’s e-aduan portal

2. Call their hotline at 1 800 886 800

3. Send an email to e-aduan@kpdnhep.gov.my

4. Download their smartphone apps Ez ADU KPDNHEP on Android and iOs

5. Contact their Enforcement Command Centre at 03 8882 6088/6245

6. Go directly to the nearest KPDNHEP office

7. WhatsApp KPDNHEP at 019-2794317

8. Send an official letter to KPDNHEP

9. Head over to your state’s KPDNHEP operation room

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Do make sure that you submit all the claim details while filing the complaint and take note that the total claim amount cannot exceed RM50,000. You have three years to make a claim if you are unsatisfied with the goods and services you received.

Happy shopping and stay safe!


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