Vehicle Owners Warned Not to Wear Plastic Gloves When Pumping Petrol As It Can Cause Fires

As part of the essential services, petrol stations are open during this time for people who need to refuel their vehicles. Many people are using masks and gloves in a bid to keep Covid-19 at bay when they are out and about during the Movement Control Order.

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However, petrol stations have warned vehicle owners that they should not wear plastic gloves while they are pumping petrol because this can cause fires to happen. Seehua reported that this is because plastic gloves produce static electricity easily and this can cause a spark that would start a fire.

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Notices have been put up at petrol pumps warning customers not to wear the gloves as just one spark can be detrimental to the highly flammable fuel. In the notices, petrol station operators reassured users that they regularly clean and sanitise the petrol nozzles and keypads every hour.

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Since petrol nozzles are high contact areas, people are worried that this may get infected with the coronavirus when pumping petrol and resorted to wearing plastic gloves. The operators told customers that they had prepared hand sanitisers at the counters so they can use them after refuelling their vehicle. Otherwise, they can also head over to the restroom facilities and wash their hands thoroughly after using the nozzle.


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